I really dig words. And ideas. And puzzles. And there is nothing I love more than helping authors piece together their ideas and polish up their words. It makes me giddy when I can help a writer really hit their writing groove or figure out a key part to their plot. The high I get is better than eating the world’s best cupcake. Seriously. I live for it.

And that’s why I want to help you write your book or polish up your first draft. Or your fifth draft. 🙂 I am passionate about all things writing and editing. When you work with me you get a professional who knows her stuff but also someone who will be your champion, cheering you on as you write your book and deal with edits. I’ll boost you up when you have moments of self-doubt and be beyond proud when you have your shining moments.

Consider me a guiding hand. An ally. Someone to help you produce the best book possible. And I promise you’ll have fun on your writing adventure. After all, if you aren’t having any fun, what’s the sense in doing it?

And for those of you going the more traditional route of publishing with a publisher, fear not, I can help you too! I can polish your synopsis and work with you on your manuscript before submitting.

I freaking LOVE books. And I absolutely adore helping authors with their writing dreams.

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“Colleen made my debut novel sparkle. She was a patient and knowledgeable editor. I can’t wait to work with her again!” Jillianne Hamilton

“Colleen is an incredible editor with quick turnaround and competitive rates. She can help you take your manuscript to the next level.” Alisha Sevigny

“Working with Colleen has been an excellent experience. She truly knows her craft. With her guidance as developmental editor, she has helped transform my work exponentially. If you are looking for a professional, collaborative and skilled individual to help your work evolve, then she is the best person for the job.” Steven Mouland

“Colleen has been an integral part of publishing my novels. She approaches editing with a thorough and objective eye balanced with feedback provided with solid explanations and encouragement. Colleen has a knack for picking up weak points and giving direction that is creative and feasible. “ Natalie Corbett Sampson