I’ve been really, really quiet on the blog and social media for AGES and there’s been a good reason. I’ve been doing some thinking. About Savvy Fox, about me, about what makes me happy. See, I’m all about the do what you love, especially when it comes to running your own business. Because God knows there are enough things in life that we HAVE to do (I’m looking at you bird cages and laundry) whether they make us happy or not.

So in honour of making sure I’m only doing what makes me super giddy happy, I’m shifting the focus of Savvy Fox a bit. I am no longer offering any marketing or promotional help. While I can admit I’m pretty kick-ass at it, I don’t enjoy it AT ALL and it actually increases the stress in my life. So I’m not doing it anymore. I am concentrating on the creating services I offer: writing mentorship, developmental editing, blurb writing, synopsis writing and proofing. It’s those aspects of publishing that just make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Once I made the decision to grow my business by narrowing down the focus it was like the Universe went “Yes!”. It really feels like everything clicked into place. And it absolutely feels like I am 100% doing what makes me truly happy.


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