Who the heck are you?
I am an animal-loving, tea-drinking book nerd who has dedicated the last nine years of her life to books. I started out as a freelance ghost-writer and editor. Then I was co-owner of Fierce Ink Press for four years and left in November of 2014 to start Savvy Fox Author Services. I am also a book blogger and a writer. So, yeah, I am definitely all about the books!

Do you only work with self-publishing authors?
Absolutely not! I love working with writers of all kinds! I think it’s great that writers have a choice between self publishing, working with a small press or one of the big publishers. I offer services that help all authors at different stages of writing and publishing. No prejudice here, my friends!

How much do you charge?
You can check out my pricing page for some basic info. You can also contact me for specific pricing and we can chat about what you need.

At what point in the novel process should I contact you?
That depends on what you’re looking for. If you want help with developing an idea, or you are stuck and need some help figuring out where the plot goes next, then contact me right away and we can chat. If you want a partial manuscript evaluation, same thing.

If you are looking for a full developmental edit or a proofread, then you need to have a finished manuscript.

Do you specialize in working within certain genres?
I work with all genres, except straight up romance and text books.

How do you edit?
Awesome question! I use a combination of in-document track changes and commenting, along with an editorial note for you. Before you decide to hire me, I also do a sample edit of a few pages of your manuscript so you can see how I work and then decide if you want to work with me or not.

How evil is the editing process? I heard it’s HORRIBLE.
OMG it’s so much FUN! I promise you. Yes, it’s hard work, but well worth it. And I’m nice and I promise not to make you cry … much. 😀