The fun and helpful services I offer:


Writing Mentorship

So you want to write a book. That is freaking AWESOME. Really. As a writer myself I know the giddiness of a new, shiny idea. I also know the terror of staring at a blank page or screen and thinking, “Oh crap, what now?”

Writing can be HARD. It’s fun and exhilarating, but it’s work. Sometimes a writer needs a bit of help in getting their ideas down on paper. That’s why I offer a writing mentorship. The mentorship will be catered to your needs. We’ll meet (either IRL or in cyberland) and discuss what it is you want to accomplish and what it is you need help with. It can be anything from working out difficult plot points to daily email reminders that you should be writing! The mentorship can be short term just to get you going or more long term throughout your writing project.

I love helping writers work things out and I love helping writers get super stoked and motivated about their writing projects. I love cheerleading for authors and helping them to realize that yes, they can write a book!

* * *

Manuscript Evaluation

Not quite ready to do a full edit but still want a professional to give you some feedback? Then baby, you need a manuscript evaluation! This is all about the big picture. What works? What doesn’t? What needs more work? What’s perfect the way that it is?

I’ll read your manuscript over carefully and I promise to be brutally honest, but in a nice way. My goal is to help you with your book, not tear you down and make you feel like crap. But there will be no lip-service here. If something in your book sucks, I’m going to tell you. But in a way that makes you excited to work on it, not drive you to eat two litres of chunky monkey ice cream while binge watching Beverly Hills 90210. You’ll get a one to three page evaluation on your manuscript, along with a Skype or phone meeting follow up in you have any questions for me.

I delight in finding holes in plots, characters not acting like themselves and awkward dialogue. You will definitely get your money’s worth!

* * *

Developmental Editing

You love your book. It’s brilliant. It’s wonderful. It’s PERFECT.

Yeah, no it isn’t. But don’t worry it will be with my help! I’ll edit the hell out of your book and together we’ll make it brilliant. And wonderful. And sparkly.

Consider me your personal ninja developmental editor. I’ll read through your manuscript and give you a detailed edit, including in-document notes and comments, on what doesn’t make sense, what needs clarification, what doesn’t work and what makes me oh-so happy.

If your a short story writer, no worries! My developmental editing talents can serve you well also!

Developmental editing is my thang and there’s nothing I love more than helping an author take their writing to the next level.

* * *


Proofing is the last stage in the editing process and it’s when things get down to the nitty gritty. It’s making sure that ever comma needs to be there, that all words are spelled correctly and that the words being used mean what you think they mean. It’s looking at your manuscript word by word to make sure everything is where it needs to be. And I love doing this. I will often squee with delight when I find a period that should be a question mark. Is that weird? Damn straight it is. But it’s this weirdness that makes me such a damn fine proofer.

* * *

Synopsis Editing

Ah, the dreaded synopsis. The four letter word of the writing community. If you are thinking of going the traditional route of agent/publisher, your synopsis is essential.

Let me help you nail your synopsis. I’ll make sure it’s all shiny and sparkly and — most importantly — that it makes sense. And once we work out the big picture deets I’ll give it a final proof read to make sure there are no stray commas or rogue semi- colons.

* * *

Blurb Writing

The two most important marketing tools in your arsenal are your cover and your blurb. Both of these need to yell “READ ME!” to all potential readers.

There’s a craft to writing a kick-ass book blurb. You want to let readers know what your book is about without giving too much away. You want to give them just enough info that they immediately buy your book.

I can help you with that! We can work together to create the perfect “OMG I HAVE to read that” blurb for your book. I can either take the reign and write it for you, or you can write it and I’ll work my magical editing skills on it.

* * *

Cover Consultation

Your cover is a visual representation of your novel. It needs to draw people in and make them want to check out your book.

It may be tempting to say you don’t need a cover designer. After all, you’re creative. And cover design is easy, right?

You couldn’t be more wrong. Unless you have a background in design, you should always hire a professional cover designer. Lucky for you, I can help you with this. I will recommend cover designers that I have worked with in the past and who I think will be a good fit for you and your book. I will also help you write the creative brief for the cover designer and work with you and the designer throughout the process of creating your cover.

* * *