I’m not gonna lie: pricing can be a sticky topic for those charging a fee for services and also for those wanting the service. It can feel awkward to ask a price for something, find out you can’t afford it, then have to tell the service provider you won’t be using their service.

On the flip side, as a service provider I never get offended if I quote a price and a potential client says they can’t afford it. Actually, it usually makes me feel a bit bad, and I have to resist the temptation to say “I’ll do it for free!” Cuz, you know, I have to eat and live and all that jazz.

To make the whole talking about moola thing a bit easier, I thought I should list some of my pricing for my services. Some of the things I offer I can’t give you a price right off until we chat and I know what it is you are looking for. But I do have some base pricing for some of my services. And here they are:

Writing mentorship: $25 an hour.
Manuscript Evaluation: $1.50 a page (double spaced, size 12, Times New Roman).
Proofing: $2.25 a page (double spaced, size 12, Times New Roman) as long as it has already been edited by a developmental editor and has received copy edits.
Synopsis Editing: $25 an hour.
Blurb writing: $100 to write and edit the blurb.

For my other services, please email me at and we can talk. I offer all potential clients a phone meeting or in person meeting (for local clients) to discuss their needs and give more detail on what I offer and how I work.