Tip Tuesday — To Outline or Not To Outline

One of the ongoing debates in writing is whether or not you should outline. The answer? Sure if you want to, but if not then don’t. Straight forward, right?

No one can tell you plotting (using an outline) or pantsing (writing as you go) is the better option. You have to find out for yourself. And it might change from project to project.


For first time writers, you may find that having at least a general outline will help get the words out. But remember that your outline isn’t written in stone: you can change that baby up whenever you want. And if you decide that you want to write a book about a teen and her pet pig but don’t want to outline, then go for it! But, if an outline or some plot ideas come to you, write that shit DOWN.

I know authors who do such a detailed outline that it’s practically their first draft while other writers get a character name in their head and just start writing. Most writers fit somewhere in the middle with some outlining and some more spontaneous organic writing happening.

The key is to find what works best for you and go for it!

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